Look Who’s Booking #8

Last week I got to shoot my longtime client, Nancy Cartwright. I can’t say enough about this powerhouse artist…just visit her website! 🙂 Karan Brar stars as Ravi in Disney’s TV show Jessie

Look Who’s Booking #10

From Sons of Anarchy to National Lampoon’s Vacation…  CHRIS BROWNING My clients have range, and so should their headshots.

Look Who’s Booking #12

Client Marisol Nichols as DiNozzo’s love interest and Special Agent Zoe Keates. Big Congratulations to Jade Pettyjohn who stars in the new Nickelodeon series, School of Rock Client Corrine Heinzman who just shot a commercial for Kohls… She booked this audition 2 weeks after our shoot which was her first after a 17 yr hiatus!

Look Who’s Booking #11

Academy Award Nominated Actress, Anne Archer starred in the beautiful and deeply moving drama, Lullaby with Amy Adams, Garrett Hedlund, Richard Jenkins & Jennifer Hudson Jason Tobias booked a role on the ABC Family show The Fosters which aired last month!

Attract Attention

S H O O T   E V E R Y   A N G L E S T A N D   O U T B E  D I F F E R E N T B E   Y O U


I love actors  &   I envy musicians… They just have a cool factor that’s off-the-charts.

Music Video Released

L e t s   W a t c h   S o m e   M u s i c . . . After our successful photo shoot for her album, Eileen Carey’s PR company contacted me to shoot a music video for her newly released single “B o t t l e   Y o u r   C r a z y   U p” which has already been getting radio air play. It is currently #2 on the Country Top 30 Indie Chart!

Be Seen in 2015!

Remember: Shoot in December To be seen in 2015…   …And let Uncle Sam help pay for the photoshoot!

Fast Tips From Denice

At the end of my shoot with Clinton, I decided to slick his hair, add glasses and go for a nerdy Clark Kent. Epic fail…he just got more handsome

The Headshot-Family Shot Deal

It’s Duffimages 16th Annual Holiday Special It’s almost criminal what you’ll get, seriously, I may call the cops after you leave….  Schedule a headshot session between now and December 22nd, bring the family, and we will toss in a steal of a deal sitting with you all….