Denice studied photography at the TISCH School of the Arts at NYU. She then came to LA and starting landing jobs in front of the camera from national commercials and Films to guest star TV roles from Matlock to CSI Miami. She was a contract player on the Young and the Restless and also directed a film distributed by Blockbuster. She then took on the role of Agent at the Bobby Ball Agency and launched careers for hundreds of actors. She then left to further her first passion behind the camera helping artists. Whether directing them in award winning music videos or shooting their headshots or PR shots for magazines Denice, after many years in Hollywood, is STILL so in love with her job…

Contact us, because “You should be auditioning more”.

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A great headshot is more than just a pretty picture- it conveys an actor’s spark and their personality. Denice understands actors “casting” and how to capture it. I always trust that she will take care of my clients when they shoot with her.

Darci Price, Perlman Management Group

In a room of 20 actors in a casting workshop, my photo was the only one the panel didn’t have a negative word to say about. Of course it was shot by you, Denice. Thanks again for making me shine, ha!

KC, Actress

I am always confident sending my actors to Denice because I know for a fact that I will get fresh and relevant images to use in the successful marketing of my clients… the shoot experience is unsurpassable… Denice will always be my go to gal for teh best headshots in town!

Christine Tarallo, Bobby Ball Talent Agency

Denice anticipates all of her client’s needs, resulting in a photo shoot that always exceeds expectations. She has a well deserved reputation for putting everyone at ease and has the ability to turn a challenging situation into a comfortable photographic moment. As a photo editor, you cannot ask for more in a photographer. I look forward to the days when I hire her!

Matthew Grayson, Photo Editor (Soap Magazine)

In all the years I have had photo sessions, I don’t think I’ve ever had a more pleasant experience than I recently had with Denice Duff! She was professional, on time, prepared, filled with great ideas, a super disposition, awesome creativity and the end result was… well… shall I say “NOTHING SHORT OF MAGNIFICENT

Janine Jannicelli, Actress

It was such a joy to meet you and create such beautiful photos. They’re already better than I imagined I could look and I’ve only seen eleven of them!

Erica Allseitz, Actress

When I look at talent photographed by Denice Duff, I just can’t wait to meet them. I almost feel like I get a real sense of that person’s unique qualities. And when I set those pictures in front of our producers… they get called in… period.

Julie Michaels, JMP Productions Inc.

My experience at our shoot yesterday could not have been more positive – thank you so much for your hair and makeup touches, your sharing of clothes, your attention to detail, and your open conversation. If anyone ever asked me, I’d recommend you absolutely.

Katie Rose Cumin, Actress

I’m just beyond grateful, you F’N gave me the best pictures I’ve ever had!!! You recognized “ME” and you GOT IT.

Tamara, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Denice! I had a f***ing great time! Thanks for brightening up my day and capturing it on film!

Maray, Actress

After 6 months of constant mail-outs with my old headshots and no responses, my new pictures with you Denice, produced 3 agent calls in 1 week. I am stoked!

AD, Actor

Denice, I’ve been getting auditions like wild! My agent is in love with you! In fact I had 2 call-backs this week! Heads up – I’m sending you a few referrals, if that’s ok.

TJ, Actor

Best Head Shots I’ve had in 25 years in Hollywood and as an added bonus, most pleasant and professional photographer too!!!

Mark Burnham, Actor