In a room of 20 actors in a casting workshop, my photo was the only one the panel didn’t have a negative word to say about. Of course it was shot by you, Denice. Thanks again for making me shine, ha!

KC, Actress

In all the years I have had photo sessions, I don’t think I’ve ever had a more pleasant experience than I recently had with Denice Duff! She was professional, on time, prepared, filled with great ideas, a super disposition, awesome creativity and the end result was… well… shall I say “NOTHING SHORT OF MAGNIFICENT” ?!

Janine Jannicelli, Actress

My experience at our shoot yesterday could not have been more positive – thank you so much for your hair and makeup touches, your sharing of clothes, your attention to detail, and your open conversation. If anyone ever asked me, I’d recommend you absolutely.

Katie Rose Cumin, Actress

Denice studied photography at the TISCH School of the Arts at NYU. She then came to LA and starting landing jobs in front of the camera from national commercials and Films to guest star TV roles from Matlock to CSI Miami. She was a contract player on the Young and the Restless and also directed a film distributed by Blockbuster. She then took on the role of Agent at the Bobby Ball Agency and launched careers for hundreds of actors. She then left to further her first passion behind the camera helping artists. Whether directing them in award winning music videos or shooting their headshots or PR shots for magazines Denice, after many years in Hollywood, is STILL so in love with her job…

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